Saturday, 21 July 2007

is this me? may be !

I tried this personality test when I was reading happymoi blog and I had the results which would say is I would say closer to my personality indeed, thank you happymoi for sharing that test , and the results are:

Harry Potter at home for breakfast

Ding Dong, its exactly 8 o'clock in the morning the door bell rang, I rushed to open the door and I knew in advance who is at the door, it is Harry Potter himself! Well it is acutely the Postman looking out of breath as if he is been in the middle of running the marathon, he was delivering the latest edition of the most popular children book ever.
Before I opened my mouth he gasped "Harry Potter, and I have over 300 deliveries to do this morning" and as soon as he said the word "Harry" I could hear running feet from upstairs rushing down the stairs. My son appeared and grabbed the parcel with great excitement, we opened it together and he looked at the book with so much of admiration, excitement and kind of relief that the waiting game is over and now he got his copy, he went straight up to lay down on his bed with his book and started reading it, he asked me if he could have his breakfast in bed why not I said, so he gets his book and I get couple of hours of peace and quite.