Sunday, 4 May 2008

Charity begins at home

The only time that I tune in to the Libyan TV channel is during the weekend, to watch a programme about traffic accidents and crimes in Libya! I am not a cynical person nor am I a person who sees the world through a black screen. I only watch it to see how bad traffics and a crime in Libya is, and are they been reduced or to still going up every week. I myself lost my brother last year in a car accident, who is now became part of the national statistic charts that are published every year, but nothing is done about to stop this Silent killer.

This was brought to my attention when I was reading the news, about the start of the National Conference for Traffic Accidents, I had a look at the website, and it seems to be well-organised event, well on paper anyway and it is about time to tackle this silent killer before its too late.

This conference should be about producing solutions and implementing them, not just a mini break for some delegates to enjoy free food and praise each other on how great they are in doing their jobs, and forgetting about the main reason they are there!

In my humble opinion one of the quickest and easiest way in reducing traffic accidents in Libya, would be looking after the roads, that is done by maintaining them on a regular basis. You would be surprised how many potholes were responsible for the death of so many drivers or pedestrians alike, filling them and fixing the street / road lights and the traffic signs would make a lot of differences.

Since I am talking about the state of the roads and how crucial to maintain them to save lives. I read this piece of news which shows how Libyan government has its priorities in the right order or ‘’Not’’ and how Libyan lives are priceless…‘’ Libya will invest $155 million to build a trans-Saharan highway in Niger under accords signed between the neighbours… ‘’ (Reuters).

I think the government’s compass is pointing at the wrong direction, unless Niger became part of Libya and we don’t know about as yet, so how we could explain this that our government invest abroad to build new roads when it’s own roads are in a shambolic state? Finally I would like to say Charity begins at home after all.

To read the rest of the news about that investment! or about the National Conference for Traffic Accidents, click on theses links:

While I was surfing this evening I noticed this video which shows one example of the traffic accidents in Libya, this accident between 8 cars which occurred just few days ago, resulted in the unnecessary lose of 9 lives, no indication as yet about the cause of this accident.

Our thanks to the publisher of this YouTube video, you could see it if you click the following link: