Saturday, 12 February 2011

New Dawn in Egypt

A new dawn in Egypt that would change the whole of the Arab world had just started, the spark began a few weeks ago in Tunisia which led its despot dictator Bin Ali fleeing the country, the power of the people removed yet again another Tyrant; Mubarak who was in power since 1981, two weeks of popular uprising got rid of him. It’s a new era for Egypt, in few months time we will witness a civilian democratically elected government chosen by the Egyptian people after nearly 60 years of military dictatorship. While the Egyptians and the Arab nations jubilant with this great victory, Arab rulers watching with fears these shockwaves would reach their doorstep, they are already trying to quench their people frustration and anger by bribing them with some sweeteners, like promising not to stand for new election or giving cash to everyone, houses and jobs for the young unemployed removing emergency laws etc., all these are an old tactics to try and absorb the anger and buying time it won’t work, because people are much smarter to fall into this old trap.

The change in the Middle East had to happen sooner or later, and with the help of new communications from mobile phones to internet i.e. social networking and blogging , the young people started a new age of protest using these tools they managed to organise themselves in a peaceful manner admired by the whole world. Today Algeria is in the news about few protesters demonstrating and they quickly arrested by the security forces, this sounds like the same scenario that occurred first in Tunisia and later on in Egypt. Arab regimes they never learn from past lessons they think oppressing people is the only way to rule them to keep them in power for as long as it takes. The longer they are in power the more defiant and arrogant they become, time of change is coming whether they like or not, either they step down or they will be swept away into the trash can of History

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Al -Megrahi will fly home onboard this plane

Interesting on how the used Airbus 340 private plane which would take Al Megrahi back to Libya from Scotland, how much it did cost the Libyan treasury to purchase from Prince Talal and the middle woman who involved with this deal, click here , and here.

If you wondered why A340 selected to be purchased instead of the Boeing Airplane, the answer is ( I think ) the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarek has one, this is the interiors of his plane (click here) .

Ramadan Mubarek

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Who's head need rolling in Libya?

The news that the Libyan government invested $500 mln with the disgraced Allen Stanford (who currently faces criminal and civil charges in USA related to a $7 billion fraud) was a shock to say the least, when the Libyan government officials so many times assured us that all Libyan assets and investments are in safe hands! that the current credit crunch / economic meltdown doesn’t concern us! But this new revelation about Libyan involvement with Mr. Stanford indicate otherwise, and it shows that our smart boys at the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) don’t have a clue and living in an ivory tower, by meeting this man so many times and looking to increasing the investment even during this unstable climate, when most governments cut their losses and run but no not ours, our boys insist in dealing with these type of shoddy investment firms, so it looks like we could kiss this $500mln good bye, and I bet no one would shed a tear drop for this loss apart from the ordinary Libyan who lives in dire strait and who can’t even get a decent living.

I wonder what we could do with $500mln inside Libya. May be building a new high standard hospital or new high tech. schools or may be a decent roads without the pot holes, or clean up our towns from litters, the list is endless.

I believe there should be a transparency system to adhere to when it comes to spending, and that including investments in foreign lands, it seems no one is keeping an eye on LIA, and it’s about time for some heads to roll to pay for any disastrous decisions so this type of unwise act doesn’t reoccur.


Friday, 13 March 2009

Bright boy in Hampshire and murder scene in Lancashire

It’s been a while since I posted any materials, life was too busy even to sit down and type few lines, however today I managed to break this silence, by sharing with you a good news , yes good news despite all the bad news we hear and watch now days, it’s about a success story of a young 8 years Muslim boy called Zohaib Ahmed who lives in England who managed to pass his A level exams in maths and scored A grade, he beat a record which was held previously by a Hong Kong boy who was 9 years old when he passed his A level exams and got an A grade in maths in 1977.
For full story click here

This morning I went to my nearby rail station to go to work, and I saw few people waiting then after few minutes later and I seen them leaving for no apparent reason, after 15 minutes of waiting and when no sign of the train coming,I decided to go to the main station and when I arrived there I saw all the trains stationary and I was told by the station manager that the lines has been closed down between our town and the next one as the railway police found a body on that railways and the police cordoned the area for further investigation, so we end up to get the buses provided by the railways to take us to next operable station, at the end it took me basically nearly 3hours to get to my work place, I am praying the lines will be open by the time I go home! I wonder what exactly really happend over there? all will be revealed soon. All I could say thank god it’s Friday.

Saturday, 17 January 2009