Sunday, 29 July 2007

Long Way Down

Few days ago while I was surfing, I spotted a link about Long Way Down, which is a journey taken by two celebrities Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman to cross from Scotland to South Africa on their motorbikes, and going through various countries including Libya, I found it quite exciting and felt a sense of proud to see my own country been explored and shown on tv for different reasons this time, and that to be part of a good cause. The journey was to raise the awareness of UNICEF projects, which are in progress or to be started in some of the poor African countries, and to visit different charity schemes in this continent, anyone could contribute to these projects by visiting the website and donate some money.

The BBC will be airing this journey in the autumn and I am already looking forward to it, I do like this type of programmes, they would allow me to explore the world from my own sitting room and see different world and that’s one of the reasons that I think BBC is a great network in making documentaries such as this. You could check their blog and the their experience in this fascinating adventure by visiting the Long Way Down page, I leave you with this clip where Ewan McGregor, one of the Star Wars leading men enjoying the glory of Leptis Magna.