Friday, 13 March 2009

Bright boy in Hampshire and murder scene in Lancashire

It’s been a while since I posted any materials, life was too busy even to sit down and type few lines, however today I managed to break this silence, by sharing with you a good news , yes good news despite all the bad news we hear and watch now days, it’s about a success story of a young 8 years Muslim boy called Zohaib Ahmed who lives in England who managed to pass his A level exams in maths and scored A grade, he beat a record which was held previously by a Hong Kong boy who was 9 years old when he passed his A level exams and got an A grade in maths in 1977.
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This morning I went to my nearby rail station to go to work, and I saw few people waiting then after few minutes later and I seen them leaving for no apparent reason, after 15 minutes of waiting and when no sign of the train coming,I decided to go to the main station and when I arrived there I saw all the trains stationary and I was told by the station manager that the lines has been closed down between our town and the next one as the railway police found a body on that railways and the police cordoned the area for further investigation, so we end up to get the buses provided by the railways to take us to next operable station, at the end it took me basically nearly 3hours to get to my work place, I am praying the lines will be open by the time I go home! I wonder what exactly really happend over there? all will be revealed soon. All I could say thank god it’s Friday.