Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Who's head need rolling in Libya?

The news that the Libyan government invested $500 mln with the disgraced Allen Stanford (who currently faces criminal and civil charges in USA related to a $7 billion fraud) was a shock to say the least, when the Libyan government officials so many times assured us that all Libyan assets and investments are in safe hands! that the current credit crunch / economic meltdown doesn’t concern us! But this new revelation about Libyan involvement with Mr. Stanford indicate otherwise, and it shows that our smart boys at the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) don’t have a clue and living in an ivory tower, by meeting this man so many times and looking to increasing the investment even during this unstable climate, when most governments cut their losses and run but no not ours, our boys insist in dealing with these type of shoddy investment firms, so it looks like we could kiss this $500mln good bye, and I bet no one would shed a tear drop for this loss apart from the ordinary Libyan who lives in dire strait and who can’t even get a decent living.

I wonder what we could do with $500mln inside Libya. May be building a new high standard hospital or new high tech. schools or may be a decent roads without the pot holes, or clean up our towns from litters, the list is endless.

I believe there should be a transparency system to adhere to when it comes to spending, and that including investments in foreign lands, it seems no one is keeping an eye on LIA, and it’s about time for some heads to roll to pay for any disastrous decisions so this type of unwise act doesn’t reoccur.



Anglo-Libyan said...

welcome back

I know who's head needs rolling in Libya!

that is no surprise since Libyan money is wasted left right and centre, what a shame!

Weldemdina said...

Thank you AL, I will try and stick to a post per month, may be more you never know lol .

on the edge said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog the other day 1st , and 2nd .... We are talking about Libya here , right ? What transparency? This is a dictatorship here . Don't ever forget that for 1 minute and think because Libya is operating under the " New Rule " style right now that things have really changed . Sad to say .But you are correct .That money would have gone a long way here in Libya toward fixing a few things . There is talk on the streets here that gasoline will soon be the same price as it is sold in the western country's , since privatization of the individual petrol stations have started here . Why ? We have our own oil , refinery's and do all the shipping here .Go figure .